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Fosse/Verdon 2019


7.9 HD 2019 60 min
The intertwined professional and personal lives of Broadway dancer/director/choreographer and movie director/choreographer Bob Fosse and Broadway dancer/singer Gwen Verdon is presented, primarily over the course of what would be Bob's movie directing career spanning from the late 1960s to mid 1980s. Gwen was already an established Broadway star in musical theater when she met then up and coming Broadway director and choreographer Bob in the mid 1950s in working on their first collaboration "Damn Yankees" on Broadway, but they would find greater success as a team in Gwen being Bob's muse and she, unparalleled, being able to realize his artistic vision as what would be epitome of the "Fosse" dancer. Their personal relationship, which ultimately included marriage, would crumble largely under the weight of Bob's many vices, mostly his chronic infidelity, but they would continue to rely on each other professionally over the course of their remaining lives - often for good, but just as often for bad - in their emotional connection to each other.
7.3 of 22