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Final Appeal 2018

Final Appeal

7.6 HD 2018 na min
Brian Banks is a former star football player who had NFL aspirations until he was wrongfully convicted of rape in 2002. He served more than five years behind bars before he was fully exonerated and is now a prominent activist against unjust convictions. A film adaptation of his life was recently announced this past September. Loni Coombs is a former criminal prosecutor and legal commentator with more than twenty years' experience who strongly believes that no stone should be left unturned when pursuing justice. Together, the RELENTLESS duo will break down criminal cases to the core, meeting with the defense and prosecution to get both sides of the story. Additionally, Brian and Loni will also consult with investigators and forensic experts to try and uncover fact from fiction. Each episode will take viewers on an emotional journey, filled with perplexing twists and turns to find out if the prisoner in question will get a SECOND CHANCE at life on the outside.
Country: United States
Genre: Crime
Release: 2018-01-07
Director: N/A
9.0 of 1