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To Catch a Killer 1992

To Catch a Killer

7.4 SD 1992 182 min
It is December of 1978, and 15-year old Chris Gant disappears after being observed talking to a contractor about a potential new job. He would never be seen alive again. The man he was talking to was John Wayne Gacy - the worst mass murderer in the history of the United States. Chris's family immediately report him missing to the Des Plaines, IL, Police, and Lt. Joseph Kozenczak starts looking for the missing boy right away. Looking into Gacy's past, they discover he has a history of assaults on young men & boys, and this enables them to get a warrant to search his house. They find several items that belong to other missing people, along with a photo stub that was in the parka Chris was wearing the night he disappeared! Gacy is put under 24-hour surveillance by the police but swiftly reacts by trying to have his lawyer file a lawsuit to shut down the investigation. With time running out, Kozenczak interviews Gacy's old roommate Ted Koslo, who reveals a frightening secret - that Gacy was making him dig holes under the house, supposedly for drainage tiles. In addition, after being invited into the house, a policeman notices a bad smell in the immaculately-kept home - the smell of decomposing bodies! Gacy is later arrested on a drug charge and a second search warrant is obtained. When Kozenczak and his officers re-enter Gacy's house, the house is filled with the odor of death, and within minutes, an officer makes a horrifying discovery; there are bodies in the crawlspace under the house. A long excavation & recovery process begins which reveals 25 bodies in the crawlspace, and 4 others found in various locations on the property. In addition, 4 more bodies are found off the property, dumped in the Des Plaines river. This is the story of how a small-town police department put an end to the career of the worst mass-murderer in U.S. history, and of the detective whose tactics became adopted around the country in the detection & arrest of serial murderers.
8.2 of 22