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Queen Of Earth 2015

Queen Of Earth

6.3 HD 2015 90 min
Just like last year, a once-happy Catherine comes to stay at the secluded lake house of her best friend, Virginia; only, this time, she has come to spend a weekend of healing self-imposed banishment. But, after two pivotal events in her life, a devastated Catherine senses that her friendship with Virginia is starting to wane; moreover, the roles are now reversed. More and more, the two women find themselves consumed by a sinister undercurrent of deep resentment and total contempt, and what's even more disheartening, there's no telling how this vacation will end. Is this the end of yet another relationship?
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release: 2015-08-26
Director: Alex Ross Perry
7.9 of 11