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Peninsula 2020


5.5 HD 2020 116 min
It's been four long years since the catastrophic events of Busanhaeng (2016), and a virulent zombie outbreak sweeps South Korea from end to end. Now, on the carcass of the levelled city of Incheon, the guilt-ridden former Marine Captain, Jung-seok, embarks on a suicide mission to locate a truck carrying bags crammed with $20 million in cash, along with a trio of equally reckless fortune seekers. But, in the endless urban wasteland of debris and death, multitudes of ravenous living-dead are on the prowl for human flesh, and as if that weren't enough, the dangerous mercenaries of villainous Sergeant Hwang's Unit 631 roam the dark mega-city. Can the condemned quartet of invaders escape from the quarantined Korean peninsula and live to tell the tale?
6.9 of 526