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Goodnight Mommy 2014

Goodnight Mommy

6.7 HD 2014 99 min
In an isolated comfortable house by the lake, the twins Elias and Lukas see their mother with her face covered in bandages after a surgery and ignoring Lukas. She only talks to Elias and orders new rules for her house, asking for silence, to keep the curtains closed during the day and to play only outside the house since she needs to rest. She is tough with Elias and the twins suspect that the woman might not be their mother. When they compare old photos with her face and find that their house is for sale on the Internet, they conclude that she is not their mother. Then they tie her arms and legs to the bed and torture her to know where their mother is. What is the secret of this woman?
Country: Austria
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Release: 2015-09-11
Director: Severin Fiala,Veronika Franz
6.1 of 653