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Gods and Monsters 1998

Gods and Monsters

7.3 HD 1998 105 min
1957. Long having retired, James Whale, arguably most famous for directing Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935) among some other 1930s horror classics, has burned his bridges with the Hollywood community in they having abandoned him, the possible exception being his continuing friendship with former lover David Lewis, James openly gay even during his working period. He is in declining health having recently been released from hospital where he was recuperating from a stroke, he left with some permanent health issues the aftermath of the stroke. Much against the disapproval of his loyal longtime housekeeper Hanna, his health does not prevent him from toying with the handsome young men who may wander into his midst in his continuing homosexual desires, although Hanna is as much if not more concerned about any of those young men taking advantage of him in his elderly and fragile state. The young man who catches his eye among the most recent is Clayton Boone, who Hanna hired to do the garden work around the property. Clay, an ex-Marine from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks, had no idea who James was or is before he started this job. James and Clay begin a friendship of sorts. Clay also had no idea of James' homosexual orientation before such is confirmed by Hanna, that issue which threatens his masculinity, especially in light of the cracks showing in his casual sexual relationship with a slightly older and wiser diner waitress named Betty. Clay has to reconcile that threat against being in the company of who he considers an interesting and once famous man. The friendship and his health related to the stroke makes James reflect on key points in his life, most notably serving in WWI, in a bittersweet vein, he, as a result, having ulterior motives in an action he takes toward Clay.
8.2 of 6