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Color Out of Space 2019

Color Out of Space

6.2 HD 2019 111 min
In the lands west to Arkham (New England) lives the Gardner family: father Nathan, mother Theresa, older brother Benny, middle sister Lavinia and little child Jack. Fulfilling the first year of the moving to Nathan's family house from the city and six months of Theresa's mastectomy to heal her cancer, Lavinia feels her life struck trapped in the middle of nowhere. Fan lover of Wiccan witchcraft, the same day that she makes a ritual hoping back to the city she meets Ward Phillips, a young hydrologist sent to test the healthiness of the water in the zone. This night, a meteorite falls close to the house, causing a great shock and illuminating everything with a strange color. Looking for help, Nathan calls Mayor Tooma and Sheriff Pierce with unsuccessful results, but Ward appears and interests about it, accepting Nathan's advice to meet Ezra, the old hippie who lives close to them. However, the Gardner's family life turns soon in a nightmare: Nathan's body start to be infected by the arms and absent-minded Theresa cuts herself two fingers while she was cutting carrots to dinner. While Nathan takes Theresa to the hospital, the other three feel the corrupt influence of the meteorite: Jack obsesses with "the man in the well" that he hears all the time, Benny experiments memory losses by time dilation and Lavinia feels her own body ill. At the same time, animals and plants in the vicinity mutate by the contact bathed with the color. But when Nathan and Theresa return from the hospital, horror takes over Gardners: a wave of color hit Jack and Theresa to transform them in an unspeakable being. While Ward tries to save Gardners and specially Lavinia, situation gets out-of-control by a deranged Nathan. With time against him, can will Ward find the way to save the day before color destroy everything in its path?
7.0 of 135