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Brahms: The Boy II 2020

Brahms: The Boy II

4.6 HD 2020 86 min
Emotionally and physically scarred after a horrific home invasion in the middle of the night, Liza, and her husband, Sean, leave London to protect their silent young son, Jude. To wipe the slate clean and bury the past, the family moves into the secluded Heelshire Mansion, utterly unaware of its horrifying history, and the shocking events that took place in The Boy (2016). However, pretty soon, the unsettling discovery of a hauntingly lifelike porcelain doll will set the stage for yet another series of inexplicable, hair-raising occurrences, as, more and more, traumatised Jude seems to find solace in Brahms: his inanimate, and inseparable, new friend. What ghastly secret is harbouring the boy with the lifeless eyes?
5.8 of 186